A Thank You Letter to My Managers by Marione


Dear Sarah & Hindi,

For the past three weeks I’ve been working for you and with you guys. I sincerely wanted to say that I appreciate both of you for taking the time out of your everyday life to teach Caitlyn and I. I came into Rent the Runway with a goal to advance my knowledge in the field of Computer Science and Fashion Design. You guys have made this difficult process very easy for me. I will remember always bothering you for the most serious, but actually non-serious, things. I appreciate that you both have always taken my dramatic concerns and questions very seriously. I will cherish the jokes and laughs that we have shared.

I also want to thank Caroline, Will, and Nick for the time they’ve shared with us and made it feel like home for Caitlyn and I. I will miss you guys! I will say with tears falling from my eyes that this was the best internship I’ve ever had in my entire life. I believe and know that I have gained the necessary skills and knowledge to advance myself with building professional relationships, carrying myself in a professional manner, while still having fun. Thank you for everything. I wish you well. I will always remember and love you guys for everything and I hope we keep in touch even after the internship. Just remember me for my smiles, generosity, and excitement for every time we deployed the website. This isn’t a goodbye letter, this is just the beginning of new friendships.  

-Marione A.


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