Why Teenagers Should Get Work Experience by Aurora


Don’t you think that it’s important for kids to get working experience? If someone asked me that, I would say “of course.” Teenagers like us need working experience because it helps to build strong communication skills and also teach us how to co-operate with people at work. Work experience is a perfect way to figure out what you want to choose as your own career. If you are confused about what to do in the future, get some work experience and choose the one that you liked the most and the one you are comfortable with.

Work experience is a good reflection in your resume/CV which can help you in your future career. It shows how passionate and interested you are about your work, which might attract companies to hire you. Work experience helps to get to know more people. More people means more connection and 2016 is all about networking. If you earn some good networking skills, it can help you to get a job later on in the future.

Work experience gives a good impression when you apply for a job. Take the advantage of the internships now so it can help you to build your career. And mostly kids like us in 2016, we need to use all the opportunities that we get for our future. It’s very important for us to get as much working experience as we can.

By Aurora A.


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