Lilibeth Perez

Lili in Wonderland

My name is Lilibeth Perez and I go to Harlem Village Academy High School. I work at a website called Contently, which connects freelance writers with publishers to produce authentic work. I started learning to code during my junior year with the program ScriptEd and have learned a lot about Javascript, JQuery, HTML, and CSS. I have some experience making websites and have worked with classmates on certain Javascript projects. Recently, I have been learning a lot of Ruby and a bit of Python. Soon, I’m going to be applying to colleges and plan to major in Computer Science and hopefully another subject like History or Psychology. I have a lot of experience in doing front-end work and am interested in learning back-end. I have a lot of interest in making my own blog, so thats what I have been really researching and learning at the moment.

Here are my blog posts! :

1. Its All Just The Beginning

2. Narnia?

3. What ….???

4. Purpose


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