Week 2 at Kickstarter by Aziz


This is my second week working at Kickstarter. My feelings and associations with this company are so far very positive and pleasing. I feel that this internship is an exciting opportunity to learn, get useful experience and become a better person. However, I wouldn’t get it if it weren’t for ScriptEd. I’m very grateful to this company and to people who work at it.

ScriptEd taught students very useful and demanded skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, working with popular libraries (i.e. Bootstrap and jQuery) and using GitHub. I believe that in my case, learning how to work with GitHub was the the most important because before I started taking ScriptEd classes, I had no idea of the ways of using GitHub and how to work in a team. Thanks to ScriptEd volunteers (Kirill, Ashish, Justin, and Ope) I got a brief understanding of GitHub and that knowledge has a tremendous effect on my work at Kickstarter.

Also, organizing a bootcamp a few days before an internship was a fantastic idea of ScriptEd. This 3 days long intensive bootcamp helped students to refresh their knowledge and advance it. I was so happy to see experienced professionals teaching us skills that are extremely helpful in real-life work. For instance, the bootcamp helped me to get a better understanding of Bootstrap’s grid system, making API calls, and working with command line. If it wasn’t for the bootcamp, I would waste an enormous amount of time figuring out and getting comfortable with working with command line, since I use it at work every day.

The work students do is challenging and sometimes they need help. I’ve seen students asking for help in our Slack channel. ScriptEd volunteers always help as much as they can and usually students get help in a few minutes after posting their question. I’m so glad that volunteers make it easy to get necessary help when we need it.

By Aziz Y.


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