Spies and Assassins: Week 2 – By Rashad

spies and assassins

What has helped me the most in my internship so far is my co­workers. They always make sure that Joel and I aren’t afraid to bug them if we ever have a question. Whenever there is food in the office, they always let us know and convince us to go get it. One time it was “Wing Wednesday” and my supervisor Jeff, along with a few other co-workers walked with us to the restaurant, and they told us all about different spots along the way to get good food, including the best doughnuts, which I have yet to try.

My co­workers also help us by recommending new programming tools to use for the project we are doing, like D3 or p5.js. Whenever I’m here, I’m always learning something new and exciting. It’s like going to school but with a smile on your face. Every day I look forward to coming to work with an open mind and hopes for a day better than the last.

By Rashad L.


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