Settling In at Ellevest by Ashley


It’s the second week of my internship and it seems like the days are going by faster and faster. I’m getting more comfortable with the people around me and I’m starting to get the true feel of what working as a coding engineer feels like. I feel like ScriptEd has prepared me a lot for this internship. All of my jquery classes helped me when it came to modules. My HTML and CSS classes have helped me a lot (and I mean a LOT) when it came to coding emails and using semantic UI. I honestly feel like if I had missed those class days (especially since I’m someone guilty of being absent a couple of times, not on purpose though, it was the migraines), I would have no idea what I was doing and I’d be completely lost.

Connecting that to my next point, it takes a lot out of me to ask for help, so I rarely do unless there’s a technical issue. Most of the time I try to figure everything out for myself. When I do ask for help however, whomever I ask is very kind and gentle about what they do. They explain everything as they go along so later on I’ll know what to do if I encounter the problem again and they also explain how I got to the problem so that I can avoid coming back to it.

The bootcamp played an especially essential part in my work ethic. It taught me so much about how to ask questions and communicate in meetings and with my co-workers. They even complimented my internship partner and I on our skills which made me super hype. Taking down all of the notes that I did also helped me out with coding some of my projects and sending emails (or slack messages) to my manager.

By Ashley P.


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