Google is My New Best Friend by Seshem

Estee Lauder

Google has been my best friend throughout my time at Estee Lauder. I am on W3 Schools at least three times a day. It is not easy to get up and ask my manager, Jason for help every time I needed him because he is busy and has his own work to complete. Therefore, I look up what I need help with. If Google is no help, which is not very often, I ask certain people in Slack that I know would be able to help me.

There were a few ScriptEd classes that were extremely useful to me for my internship. This week at work, we focused on design, wire-frames, and CSS. I think the lesson on wire-frames, taught by Clinton was a major help to me. This helps to get a sense of how we wanted the app to look and how certain things will function. I can say boot-camp prepared me for my internship. Since the work I get is mostly review, boot-camp was also helpful in the sense of knowing what people were talking about in the meetings we are apart of. For example,  I am always reviewing problems with getting certain API’s and functionality problems with different parts of an app.

When I am stuck, I reach out to a few other ScriptEd interns that I remembered from boot-camp knew what they were doing. Their responses are helpful and allow me to complete the missing pieces in my projects. I also reach out to ScriptEd volunteers for help with networking, talking to my manager about my work, and just talking about how my internship is going.

By Seshem S.


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