Spies and Assassins Week 1 – by Joel

spies and assassins

This week at Spies and Assassins I have begun a battle against my biggest enemy, my ability to socialize. As the son of two deaf parents I live a pretty quiet life at home, and as such I haven’t developed much in terms of social ability; Spies and Assassins is starting to change that. Everyone here is super friendly and will walk up to me and Rashad and introduce themselves, and they often stop by to tell us about cool events around the building that nab us free stuff and end up being pretty fun! We go out to lunch together and share laughs, though I’m shy so all I can do is smile awkwardly.

When I’m at Spies it doesn’t  feel like some boring workplace. Rather, it feels like a sort of party. My co-workers are ones that I could only dream of, who finally speak and do things of which I carry great interest in, and I think I’ll find myself talking up a storm in my later weeks. I know I’m going to miss this place after the internship, but I’m going to go out with a bang and make sure I pick up one of the Nerf guns we have in the office, and break down the social and intellectual barriers that keep me from working at awesome places like this.


By Joel C.


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