My First Week by Erika


My first day was very exciting, and the workers were really polite and friendly. They introduced themselves and toured us around the office. I was very nervous but they made me feel comfortable. Whenever I needed help, they would make time to make sure I was provided with enough help. Although my mentors weren’t there on the first day, everyone made me felt comfortable to to ask for help at any time. My office is productively organized and efficient.

 My office provided couches, a lounge area where you can serve yourself coffees, hot chocolate, teas, a microwave and a fridge which was properly organized. I was put in a table where the table could be raised up so you can work standing up (which is really good for you). I learned a lot of things within just 3 days. It makes me feel accomplished because if I can learn so many things in 3 days, what can I accomplish in this next 4 weeks? 
Erika V.

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