My First Week at Etsy by Andrea


I am always the youngest person in a group. That’s how I felt on my first day at Etsy. I felt like the baby of the company so I refer myself as a teensy.  Many of the employees were asking me questions like “So what company did you work at before Etsy?” and I’m just like – I’m still in high school lol.

My office area is very cool and spacey but this week I haven’t really spent a lot of time there, mainly because I can work anywhere I would like in the building. One cool thing I learned about my manager is that he has his own Etsy shop. One thing I learned about my team is that they are constantly updating code, probably more than 1,000 times a day. One very important trick I learned this week is getting my company’s VPN so I can access all the companies info. I feel very important!

By Andrea Y.


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