First Day Jitters by Chynna

bark box

First day jitters is an understatement. Butterflies in my tummy– more like a swarm of wasps! I don’t think I’ve ever been more nervous ever in my life than on the elevator going up to the Bark + Co office on my first day of the internship. There were a million things racing through my mind… Like am I going to be able to do this alone? And am I skilled enough for this? But the second I walked out the elevator and through the doors, I saw something that automatically eased my anxiety. It was a chihuahua giving me the stank eye. In my office, the employees are allowed to bring their dogs to work, so basically, the dogs run the office. They travel around the office on leashes and ask everyone for attention: a belly rub, a pet, or in the chihuahua’s case, stare at people because he can. I haven’t 100% gotten used to it yet, but it’s really refreshing to see a sleepy puppy when you’re upset because you got stuck on a piece of code.

I could go on and on about the dogs, but the people there are amazing and definitely need to be introduced. In my first week, I attended several meetings for the company. When “company meetings” come to mind, the first adjectives one might think are “boring,” “long,” and “shoot-me-now,” but Bark + Co meetings are filled with business, jokes, and some strange traditions. At one meeting, when a representative from the department I’m part of spoke, she wrote a poem about business matters and introduced interns using Pokemon go references. “This week we caught a wild May and I hope she’ll stay” that is honestly the coolest way someone has introduced me. Last but certainly not least, my mentors Erin and Meghan are awesome and I am convinced they are wizards in the art of coding. On my first day, they took me out to lunch and gave me the grand plan of my next 5 weeks with them and we shared some of our life stories. As I was doing chrome extension research for my project, they gave me a little push and some simplified down explanations (my coding vocabulary is not up there) to get the job done right. So much research and coding has been done in only my first week, imagine what the future has to offer!

By Chynna R.


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