Ellevest: First Day – by Patience


The company that I am interning for this summer is Ellevest. Ellevest is a financial advisory company targeted towards women. During my first week at Ellevest, I felt very nervous. This is first job. However, the company made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Everyone constantly told me that I could come to them with any questions or concerns I had. My intern partner and I were given workshops on the basics of finance, Ellevest’s mission as well as cybersecurity and design. These workshops made me understand the difference between an internship and just a job. I was actually learning things.

Ellevest’s office is very cozy. All the employees sit at three long desks. Our manager (Who is also the CTO!) sits right next to us. The space is decorated nicely with decorative couches and pillows. But, I’d have to say that my favorite part about the office are the 27 inch monitors that the engineers code on. Seeing them scroll through hundreds of lines of code is probably the coolest part. It looks very convenient to. Having such a large monitor enables them to multitask.

My manager grouped my intern partner and I with a college intern and a front end designer. With them, we learned about different kinds of software, using the terminal and creating HTML emails. (Learning about the terminal during the ScriptEd bootcamp helped a lot!) We also got to see some of their code which was in Ruby, a language I’d only used one other time.

During our finance workshop we worked with the company’s VP of operations. He used to be a finance professor. With him we learned about the stock market, investments and how Ellevest is helping women navigate the complicated world of finance.

With the company’s designer we talked about wireframing (Thanks again ScriptEd bootcamp!), branding, marketing and the company’s competition. She explained the purpose of adding certain features to the website. Even down the choice of colors. “This shade of green on Ellevest’s website represents money but in a more sophisticated way. It represents luxury.” Even the pictures on the website were taken at one of the employee’s home. Everyone’s role in Ellevest was so complex and important.

My first week at Ellevest started off really well. I was able to better understand how a company is built and maintained. Someday I hope to work for, or start a company like this one!

by Patience E.



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