Second Step


On Monday morning, I accidentally fell asleep on the train on my way to work because the previous night, I was nervous and that kept me up at night. Last week, we completed our training so that meant we would finally do some coding. Although it excited me, it also made me quite anxious. It made me anxious because I felt like my coding skills weren’t up to par with what I assumed my managers expected. I was afraid of messing up and leaving a bad impression. As I arrived to work that morning, I sat down at my desk and was reminded of something one of the Script-Ed staff members had said at the Boot-camp: “You’re the the best of the best.”  It gave me reassurance that I had the capability to tackle any challenge that I may face when during this internship.

This week, we’ve been learning and familiarizing ourselves with the different frameworks we will be working with and We also met our other manager who’d been out the week before – he bought us Vietnamese and it was so good. My manager also has made it super clear that we can ask him anything and he makes sure that we understand something before leaving us to complete the tasks he has assigned which I really appreciate. My co-worker has been very helpful too — Shout-out to YongJi.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to what next week has to offer.