Thank You ScriptEd & Flowthings.

Today was sadly my last day as an intern a It was truly difficult to say goodbye to coworkers and manager before my partner and I left the office and building for the final time. But I am happy that I left the company with a project that I was able to take part of, contribute to and complete.
Thank you ScriptEd for giving me this internship opportunity with Flowthings. I’m really glad that my friends encouraged me to join the program and that I did so this year. I enjoyed after school classes learning about HTML, CSS and JavaScript; it gave me something to look forward to on school days, Mondays and Wednesdays. Most importantly, thank you Flowthings for giving me the opportunity  to work at your company and build an awesome plant system! Despite the challenges that followed, I wouldn’t waste even a single second of hesitation to do the internship all over again if I were given the chance to.
Both have made me a more positive person and gave me a glimpse of what it is like to have a job that is enjoyable.


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