I don’t want to leave!

This is my last day at ServiceChannel. Honestly, I don’t want to leave. The projects and the work environment is just what I wanted for my internship. In six weeks, we managed to create the basic structure and template of their help desk center, even with all the issues that had to be dealt with. The part I’m going to miss the most is coming in and interacting with my team. The entire team has been helpful throughout the six weeks. Aside from programming, they have also given lots of advice to follow for school, college, future employment and just life in general. My internship consisted of two projects, beta testing, and redesigning. However, the internship was more than that. It gave me real life use of my skills, and interaction with really awesome people, whom I had every common interest and hobbies with. I was even able to interact with other college interns there, where I got further advice, and talked about our interest. To all future interns, this is what I will stress. Other than working on your projects and goals(which you should), MAKE SURE(and I emphasize this) you talk with not just your managers, but with all of the people in your department. They could even be interns just like you. My programming skills has improved since this internship, and has even changed my view. However, that is not the only thing you should obtain from your internship. Interact with everyone, and share interest, hobbies, skills, etc. You will be surprised on their reactions, even if you are just in high school. These connections will live on through the rest of your career, and people will remember you for them. That is the one thing I highly stress for all upcoming interns. To sum it up, I’m going to miss ServiceChannel. I hope to return one day, just to catch up with everyone, or for even discuss future steps to take for my career.

P.S.: Don’t think of them as ‘managers’. Think of them as a mentor, and teacher.