Throwback Thursday?

It still doesn’t feel like I’ve been in this office for 6 weeks now. I still remember my first day here, getting used to the environment and routine. Although it seems like a short time, I still managed to accomplish a lot here, with the help of my co-interns obviously. Throughout this internship I feel like I have changed greatly. Not only did I enforce and expand my coding knowledge but I improved other skills like introducing myself, telling people what I do and what I’m working on or what I have planned out. I also got to work on responsibilities and time-management, for example, I learned to make sure my assigned work was completed before I helped my co-interns to make sure we didn’t fall behind time. The thing I enjoyed most about this internship was becoming more independent. I was already used to working, but not in an office environment or with other people. My previous job was during closed hours and while no one was there other than my boss occasionally so being an intern at SctiptEd offices really helped me work in a group. Some advice I have for incoming interns would be to have a good connection with your manager/ supervisor. Lucky for me, Olivia is probably the nicest, coolest manager anyone can get. She took us under her wing since day one and called us her “gang” and you could talk to her about anything, our conversations would be about colleges, taxes, banks, youtube videos and even places to go have lunch around the office.