Reflections on my internship & What advice I would give to interns next year

Finally, the last day of my internship is here. Overall, my experience was great. My managers were extremely kind and did not hesitate to answer my questions whatsoever. I met other companies in grand central tech and learnt a lot about them. One company in particular that really interested me, is called Maven. This company aims to help young women & girls no longer have to wait in line to see a doctor as it could now be done over video chat. I had the opportunity to have my first appointment on video chat and it was amazing. The doctor listened attentively to what I had to say, and gave positive feedback. It also helped me overcome my fear because when I go to the doctor in person, I tend to get nervous. This internship, provided me with an insight of what it’s like to operate in a work environment, allowing me to meet new people. The advice I would give to interns next year, is to have an open mind, allowing yourself to learn new and different things. I would also inform them to not be afraid to ask questions because it is a part of learning and also growing as a person.