Last Week of My Internship at XO Group

About 7 weeks ago, I began working at XO Group, frightened and excited about the journey that was laid out in front of me. I knew this summer’s internship would be very different from last summer’s, given that a. I would be working at a different company and b. I would be the only ScriptEd intern working there. Looking back, I see that these two things actually benefited me a lot throughout the course of the summer. Working at XO Group, I was able to learn so much about how to write code more efficiently. By working independently, I got to enhance my problem-solving skills and spend more time with my new best friend (aka Google). I got the chance to pair with a few of my coworkers and through these pairing sessions, I learned how to become more comfortable using Git to store my code and Chrome development tools to be able to figure out which piece of code caused a problem.

If I were to give advice to next year’s interns, I would tell them to practice using Git a whole lot more. Git is an essential tool for programmers to be able to securely store their code without overriding the code a coworker may be working on. I would also suggest to not be afraid to ask questions. By asking questions, you will be able to learn a lot and make the most out of your work experience. By asking questions and daring to admit to my coworkers that I didn’t understand something, I was able to learn a lot. With all that I learned, the great work environment, and the free snacks, I can honestly say I really enjoyed my time working at XO Group 🙂

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