…. and that’s a wrap!

I find it rather difficult to sum up my experience here at American Express. I can’t believe these six weeks are over. I walked down Vesey street, appreciating the mass group of people who were all hustling to work, the construction workers doing their jobs and the people with their replica of The Statue of Liberty’s crown, trying to convince you to visit the Statue of Liberty. As I sit here and type my final blog post (final for this year because hopefully I’ll be able to do one of these internships again next year), I take in the beauty of my view of Ellis Island, the Hudson River and the Colgate clock. These past few weeks have been overwhelming but exciting. I admit, I struggled in the beginning trying to grasp the concept of everything I was learning but thankfully, my managers were there every step of the way helping me. If there’s any advice that I can give to next year interns it would be to not be afraid to ask questions and to not be afraid to tell your managers/supervisors if you’re struggling with something. They’re there to help you.

Anyways, I’m still in shock that it’s been six weeks! WOW!

American Express, it’s been…. real.