“Reflections on my internship “

I really enjoyed this six-week internship, it was a great working experience. Looking back at these six weeks I have gained a lot of knowledge not only in coding but in my communication skills. I have had face-time with clients and worked with a team of other interns. 
During this internship I have built microsites and web pages using CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery and JavaScript. I learned more about CSS and HTML because these were the two languages that we used the most.
If I could advise next year’s interns I would say: “Your goal should be to learn more, to not just take the internship for the money. Personally, before starting this internship I only wanted this internship for the money; I didn’t care about the experience or the knowledge that I would gain from it. However, as the first week passed, my mentality totally changed, money was only ten percent of what I wanted to get during this internship. Having fun and enjoying the experience was very important component during my internship.”
Other than that I had great six weeks working with Olivia Gresham. I hope I can work again with Olivia next Summer.