Week Flow (or Week Four)

My time interning at Flowthings.io seems to have been flying by; it seems as though one minute I’ve just started on my work and the next minute, I’m back on the train going home. It’s kind of sad but I’m trying to make the best out of the next two weeks.

My partner and I have been getting a lot done on our project. I believe I’ve completed all of the tasks that I was assigned for this week and now I’m waiting for feedback from my manager. I finished my blog project (it’s harder than it sounds); I created drops, flows and tracks to receive and show real time data on the browser; worked on a couple diagrams that illustrate the hardware setup; I’m still working on my website which displays the plant data, but I’m pretty much done. I’ve gotten a lot of help with the workload, of course, but it’s still crazy that I’ve accomplished this much… I remember that I was fairly stressed out during the first week of the internship because I didn’t think I would be successful in completing the tasks that I was going to be assigned to. But I relatively am.


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