Reaching Passed the Halfway Point

After spending almost four weeks at XO Group, the days seem to get shorter and shorter. So far, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is this: You’re never done coding. Around my second week, I was convinced that I had done all that needed to be done on the “About Us” page I was working on. Boy was I wrong. This week, I sat down with my coworker and she caught the tiniest mistake in my code: a missing end tag, or an >. Although this may seem like a very insignificant character to those who don’t code, those who do code know the grave importance of this character. Once I added that end tag, everything went out of order. So I got to work. Throughout the week, I worked on restructuring the code and making everything look good. It was tough to see my creation crumble, but I learned a lot. This week has been very productive and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.


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