My Second Week


One thing that makes working at Rent the Runway so distinctive is the culture of conviviality. It is especially unique for the interns at the company for whom the HR department plans out lunches and field trips. Within the first two weeks, I joined the interns on two field trips and one lunch, the tech department in two meetings and two executives for some coffee. I realized that meeting new people makes the office seem smaller. But with each conversation and presentation, the capabilities within the office seem to expand immensely. Speaking to my manager about the plans for the website and introducing myself to talented people in every department reminds me of the influence and capacity of the company. Part of it comes from the fact that even as an intern, every single person is expected to make a contribution. From the Spotters at the warehouse we visited to the Customer Insights people on the third floor addressing every complaint, every person works together to provide the best service to the customers.

This and next week, my co-intern and I will be working on improving a few of the website’s pages. My mentors have been incredibly helpful and I’ve learned a lot about coding and the company itself as part of leaving my mark on the business and its community.