More Than Halfway There

Its hard to believe that after this week ends, only two weeks will be left of my internship. It still sort of feels like my first or second week here at Ghostery. I have to say that I have never had an experience quite like the one I have right now, but thats a great because colleges will want to see and hear about these types of internship experiences. I know I will definitely work hard to earn another internship next year. Anyway, so far I am enjoying working at Ghostery even though my partner and I come up with several coding issues that take up time to solve. Our manager says we are learning a lot however and he is indeed right. Still, its going to be tough to become PHP experts like he predicts due to its difficulty. Google has proved to be my best friend in these hard situations most of the time. Its definitely easier for me to ask Google for solutions rather than asking people…but thats just because I’m a shy person and I do not want to stutter my questions to my manager. I do feel sad that I don’t have a lot of time left here with Ghostery, but I will do my best to have several great memories here!


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