Midway There!

It has been my third week of my internship at FlowThings and I did not realize how far I have come until literally two days ago. Work has been intense but also chill at the same time. With the help of coworkers and our manager, my partner and I are currently working on getting realtime data from the soil and plants we are using for our project (which kind of gives away what our project is on), and using that data to create programs that will help take care of specific scenarios (e.g.: if soil is dry, the program will automatically water the plants). It has been quite difficult but we are making progress with the generous amount of help we’re given each day. Sort of feeling down in the dumps because I just wish I knew more that what I already know, so I could be more helpful and independent in the making of the project. Other than that, I am really enjoying the internship, working with my partner and FlowThings itself. Although I am probably the least helpful person there, I refuse to give up because I honestly would not and do not want the internship to end any time soon.


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