If returning back in time was actually possible

If I could go back in time before the internship started I would desire that I had the knowledge of the languages angularjs and the framework protractor. In fact, I would rather have proficiency in all the coding languages available at present time before the internship. Then again if I knew all the languages, this internship wouldn’t be much of a learning experience or me and it would instead be an actual working experience. It works both ways.

That is about it. I wished I would have been more familiar with some languages prior to the internship. Having this knowledge, most of the internship wouldn’t consist of my manager teaching me the concepts of the work. There are many platforms that my company uses a methodology called Agile. An Agile business has the ability to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes in a productive and efficient cost methods. I wish I even knew this term existed before the internship started so I would have a better understanding of how to use a platform called Rally that the company uses to complete their work relevant to using the Agile method.