Halfway mark – Globaloria!


So, we have been in this internship for… 3 weeks. We have three more weeks to go! Yay! But that is also incredibly sad– In my opinion. So far what I have achieved is making one game, and right now I’m in the midst of making another one, this one in 3D. I’ve been learning a lot about coding, about being in an office environment, and what are some working etiquettes. One memorable event from these past three weeks was when celebrated one of my coworker’s birthday, and mine as well since we were like 3-4 days apart. One struggle that I have faced, and that bothered me oh so much, is that I spent like an hour trying to fix my game code only to realize that I misnamed something — I spent like an hour looking for a mistake in the javascript code syntax when the error, in reality, came from me.

Events like that make me question myself whether or not I am fit to be a computer scientist. I don’t have good eyes for details, but that’s why opportunities like these are great, you know? They are learning experiences. I wouldn’t be the same person if it wasn’t for this internship, or ScriptEd. I have changed a lot these past three weeks as I have had to venture in a new part of the city, upper west side, on my own. I also found myself developing a work persona (and failing at keeping it at times!) But you know, it’s all part of the process.