Half And Half: Three More Weeks!

Six weeks of internship; three had gone, three more to go. Even though my ideal summer vacation plan does not include working for this long, but I will never regret doing this in my whole life. It’s been truly an amazing experience. Getting to know people in professional field closely which you thought would be out of your reach until you turn 25+ is indeed a great opportunity, don’t you think so? I appreciate each and every moment I spend at my internship site, JPMorgan Chase & Co., that lies in the heart of Brooklyn.

My third week at the place went pretty smoothly. I’m still in the process of learning so many new things, new terms. Every company in this world have their own way of operating. I have interned at the company called Contently last summer, and this year I volunteered at New York Methodist Hospital, and currently the bank. Each place, even though the concept is the same, have very different ways of functioning. Which is why I was, and still am facing with new things even though it’s my third week there and have had quite a few experiences before. However, each time I encounter something completely new, I tell myself that I might not be able to have this opportunity in my life again of interning in such a well known place, so take the step and learn! And what is more to it is that I have been under the care of the people I’m around there, and they are not even near my age. I am an intern from a high school, an intern with not a lot of knowledge on this field, but so many people are guiding me and helping me feel at ease for being such an young apprentice. I truly feel welcomed, and inspired to keep on learning.

I have been truly fascinated by how each and every person at my place, at JPMorgan Chase & Co. take up their responsibilities to their heart and work to their best abilities. Even though I am supposed to be an intern who will be learning more about programming languages and its uses while I’m in there, I am learning about the life and responsibility, and requirements as a professional as well. I am understanding how a company greatly relies on its computer technology to be successful. I am learning how each and every person working there have been committing themselves for the welfare of the company not only for themselves but also to keep the name of the company as high as possible. I am becoming more and more interested in this field. And I am thankful for that.