AMEX: Fourth Week

Far in the future and if all goes well, I’ll be doing something like this for the rest of my life. At one point, I’ll be contemplating on whether or not I made the right decision in choosing that path, and the present now is where I’ll be making that deciding factor. From rustling busybodies to silent wise men throughout the office, it’s reassuring to know that each and every one of these people are contributing in some way to this grand project that they’re all hoping to accomplish. Everyone here matters.

I’ve had the pleasure of associating with various people this week that come from all over the company. Scrum masters whose jobs are to appreciate the company’s employees, CEOs, VPs, directors- lots. We’re AMEX’s very first high school interns so apparently everyone (especially sitting higher up) have been wanting to meet us.

The day that we were supposed to meet these people higher up, we were told by the director that we should dress formally, as in, nicer than usual. I was nervous, of course. There aren’t that many people in the world that you have to actually dress up to meet. My partner and I walked into this large conference room equipped with giant screens, a long table, and fancy chairs. My heart was racing- these people were select individuals who came from all walks of life that led them to be in a high enough position where it’s commonplace to dress up all fancy when meeting them. They weren’t even going to be physically in front of us and I was nervous. In fact, they were miles away from us, in Florida and Arizona. The only image I had of them in my head were suits and white bald men. That’s how you always see it in the movies; why would Hollywood lie?

But to my surprise, all I saw on the screen were a bunch of middle aged men and women making outrageously corny jokes to each other all while having genuine smiles on their faces- not because they were trying to make themselves out to be the good guys, but because they were all just having a good chuckle. No, there were no bald white men in suits. They are happy with what they do, and as a bonus, they make tons of money doing it. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting these wonderful people.

The following day we were to go out to lunch with the director of the department. Not that I dreamed for this day to come, but just imagining it from watching shows and movies, I thought it would be a lot more intimidating. Not everyone in a position higher up is intimidating, and you only come to find that out when you’re actually exposed to that type of environment. It was just like having lunch with a friend- maybe you don’t know what he does for work, or if he even has a job, but all you care about is the company that he’s providing you at that time. Meeting new people is always a treat. Learning new things about people is an even better prize. The director runs 4 miles a day to train for a marathon. WHAT?

I’m not sure whether or not I’ll be in this type of environment in the future. The corporate world at first was never in my line of vision. I’ve only been looking at covers this whole time and it’s getting tiring. These people have lives outside of work just like you and I do. This ‘reality’ that everyone has been talking about really does hit you. It’s just nicer than I expected.

Also my guru/supervisor/mentor/manager is super chill cool.