My first week at my internship company, FlowThings, has been going pretty well. Because I am a shy person, I am still adjusting to the work/social environment, where I know I have to come out of my shell and make the bold move of approaching and talking to new people.

The first day started off nicely as my partner and I unboxed our MacBooks that the company bought for us. Over the next couple of days, we have learned more about the hardware and software of our project, a few new languages such as Node and Handlebars which we will be using, and we have created the wireframe. Although I have been computer programming for only about over a year, but in which I have learned quite a lot thanks to ScriptEd and The Flatiron School, I am nervous that I will not be able to offer and help much during the making of the big project – let alone, complete it because I have never used Node and Handlebars before. However, because of the supportive and friendly people I am surrounded by and work with, I am constantly reassured that I will learn a lot and be able use that knowledge to help me progress in the fulfillment course of the task. It has only been three days but this internship has felt quite surreal… I have spent the last four days and will also spend the next the four weeks traveling from home all the way in Manhattan to work in Brooklyn. It feels unrealistic that I have an actual job in a tech company, where I have the opportunity to interact and work with the employees within that company. I am just an average teenage girl in high school; I would never have thought or believe that I, of all people, would be able to make that possibility come true.


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