My Week At Globaloria


It’s been almost a week into my internship and things were interesting. I expected being in the office for the entire duration of the week but that wasn’t the case. On the first day, I sat down and the awesome people there  set me up with an account with their product. Before I go on, Globaloria is a company that engage students in STEM through computing and game design. So for the entirety of the week I was basically following one of their courses online. That course I was working on is about making a game using javascript, html and css. It was a course meant for beginners so I haven’t had a tough time following it through. Although that is what I was doing for the week, I didn’t exactly sit down in the office all day. My company was hosting a 3-day training for teachers at Stuyvesant High School and they brought me and Camilo along. So when the session started teachers came inside the classroom and they were there to learn about coding. They were basically doing the same course I was doing. It was interesting to see teachers in a classroom as I’ve never seen teachers in classroom to learn something. It felt like opposite day for me on the first day of the training. Today, me, Camilo and the other interns, presented work that we each had done. It was nice to see that the teachers were engaged having listened closely as well as asking questions.

So that was my week so far with Globaloria. I’m not done with the game I’m making but I’ll probably finish by next week. I’m also excited to using the Unity game engine which I will soon tackle in the future. I’ll see you guys next week.


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