First Week at ThoughtWorks


I have had a really packed week working at ThoughtWorks. Our project is so interesting and engrossing, we’ve had such cool conversations with the people here over lunch or just around the office, and we’ve been tweeting our butts off. Jared is a super cool manager who keeps us on our toes. Even on the first day we hit the ground running; we had to make a video about ourselves which we sent to the entire office, making us pretty famous. I’ve also learned to master getting on time despite having to take 3 trains to get here. I’ve met some pretty awesome people and gone to awesome places like Democracy Now! and to see the bigger picture of what ThoughtWorks is all about. Our project is also honing in on that bigger picture and allowing the ThoughtWorks community be apart of it. Daquan and I are really excited to do more of this work and see our project through. I hope to be able to talk more about what we are doing and how we are progressing as this internship continues.


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