First Week at Service Channel


My first week at Service Channel has been pretty exciting so far. The first day was basically an introduction to the company. I got to know the company itself and many of the employees in my department. I was surprised to find out that big businesses work with this company, such as Nike, Best Buy, Under Armour, etc. Before my internship, I never heard of Service Channel. Then again, Service Channel works in the background, allowing businesses to  deal with facilities management with ease. The followings days, we got to know the projects we are going to be working on. For one project, we’re basically beta testing an app in development. For the other project, we are creating a website for the devs to use. We did have a couple of meetings, many stressing the importance of VD(Visual Design) and UX(Use Experience). One meeting we had stressed simplicity. Websites, or any application in that case, should implement simplicity up to a point where a user should be able to know the functionality at one glance. This made me change my view on applications , and their structure. I will be implementing this onto the websites, and probably most projects to come.