First Blog Post!

Tomorrow concludes my first week working at ScriptEd’s offices. My manager is Olivia Gresham, a UX Developer currently volunteering with ScriptEd. Before Monday, I made sure I had a sharp outfit and all materials for work ready. Monday I arrived 5 minutes early and was met by Olivia in the entrance. The building I’m at is large and has many floors, everything is high tech like the access cards used to enter the building. Our first project was to create one microsite containing five pages for a company in the construction industry. The website contains only HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. It wasn’t too complicated, although sometimes I couldn’t find the right code to use or the code wouldn’t work, but I powered through that. At one point when I managed to get the code to work I was excited, so I stood up and said “GOT EMMM” apparently too loud because the people from ScriptEd laughed out loud. #Embarrassing overall, the past few days have been all good, the working environment couldn’t be better.