Awesome beginning to my summer.


I couldn’t ask for much better way to start my summer. First, it was the ScriptEd Internship Bootcamp where I got work with my partner. After the bootcamp finished I couldn’t wait to meet my managers and co-worker. From the short meeting I had with them, I knew that I will have great time with them this summer.

The first day at my work went better than what I thought it would be. I was excited but worried about the first day. I was worried that I would make a mistake and they would get mad at me. I asked myself: “Can I do what they will tell me to do?” But my first day was the opposite. I went to Goldbean and got to meet with everyone and know little bit more about the company. My manager gave me a tour of the office. I was introduced to the project that I will be working on over this summer. That was it for the first day. It went faster and better than I thought it would go. Over the next few days we was started to know more about our project. I feel like as more time I spend in Goldbean, the more I love it.

By: Tareq Manawer



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