The Finale :(

This was the last week of my internship with Silverline CRM. I will miss it. I am sad to move on after such a short 12 days with my internship.

During these short 12 days, we have accomplished a lot. I explained my project in my other blog post so this might be slightly repetitive. We were able to get all the apps working using the Ionic Framework and AngularJS and it was able to run in the iOS simulator. Our completed app is basically a cute medical questionnaire. You input your name, age, and reason for appointment. Then, you take the survey composed of medical questions that Victor thought up. One of my biggest challenges in this last week was catching up with Victor. Victor made the most improvements in the app during the week I missed because of a school trip. I had to ask a lot of questions and listen to explanations of how pieces of the app worked in order to catch up. I was really happy to work with all the different people and software that I experienced during this internship. This was one of the first summers I can actually say I did something with my time. Thank you Silverline and ScriptEd!


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