One step closer to my dream

Since childhood, I have always been a big fan of computers and especially programs. I had the passion and time. What I didn’t have was adequate resources for learning — namely the Internet. After finishing my internship at Ghostery, when I looked back at my internship and tried to reflect on it, the question that came on my mind was “What valuable things have I gained from this internship?” Is it the money or the things I learned or the experience? After giving it a long thought, it became clear to me that even though education and wealth are both important, experience tops both of them. Experience certainly is more valuable than any other things I have achieved from my internship. It’s as my supervisor Justine says: “I have interviewed people who have major degrees in computer science but has never written a single production line of code which is not going to get them anywhere. Education is important but you can’t expect to get a decent job just with your degree alone.” Thanks to the experiences I have gained in this internship. I have come to learn that programming is what entertains me. Therefore, I must be grateful to ScriptEd for providing this splendid opportunity to people like me who dream of becoming a programmer. I also want to show my gratitude to Ghostery for helping me get better and providing such a friendly workplace. This has been a truly magnificent experience for me.


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