My Final Week at TFA

After spending three weeks at Teach For America, I entered the company’s offices this Monday morning with a heavy heart. I had gotten so used to walking through those doors nearly every weekday that, in even thinking about the fact that I wouldn’t be doing the same thing the week after, felt surreal. With those thoughts in the back of my mind, I sat at my desk and continued working on the project. Because of a Muslim holiday, my partner, Riki, didn’t go to work on Monday. Therefore, I worked on the project on my own for that day. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Riki was able to come in and we continued working on some minor adjustments in the HTML and CSS components of the project. Besides that, we worked on putting together our presentation for ScriptEd’s End of Internship celebration. Finally, Thursday came around and I couldn’t believe it was our last day. We were able to finish the project and once we submitted it, our manager, Olga, let us leave early. We said our goodbyes and then we walked through the office’s doors one last time. Looking back, I see that working at TFA for this month was an unbelievable experience. I was able to learn so many things about computer programming and meet so many wonderful people. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity I was given and couldn’t be any happier about my time at Teach For America.



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