Last Minute Thoughts on the Professional World And Farewell?

This month has flied by way too quickly. I feel like it was yesterday when I entered the big room at Contently as an intern. It was really fun being in there. I started to get the idea of how things work in a company. At the end of the day, when I finally got myself at ease in this workplace, it was time to say bye-bye!  Contently is a company that  builds a better media world for storytellers, writers and publishers. At first, I didn’t get what I would do in a company like that as a web development intern. Somehow, I thought that Contently didn’t need any programmers since it’s all about writing and publishing. But soon I realized that my thought was totally incorrect — especially after seeing most of the employees  looking straight at the computer and typing bunches of codes all day long. I forgot that we’re now living in a world surrounded with blocks of codes, java-script, css, html, php, python, ruby etc that we need in our everyday life. Being able to have a glimpse of the programming world and work with  professionals was really an outstanding and rare experience for me as a high school junior. I really appreciate the opportunity ScriptEd provided and thanks to Contently for having me as an intern for this summer. Thanks to Sanjay for being my manager and mentor. Thanks to Kevin for helping me every time when I got stuck and couldn’t find a way to solve a problem. Thanks to Brianna and Rebecca for never forgetting to smile and saying “Good Morning” in the morning and “Bye” at the end of the day. Of course, thanks to everyone else at Contently for making the place super awesome to hang around! Even though I’ll miss being in the professional world, I’ll treasure the experience I’ve gathered so far for the day that I walk on the same career path.


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