Last day :C

Unfortunately, today’s the last day of my internship at Thrillist. Throughout these 3 weeks, I have learned a lot. I learned more about coding and the different languages that existed. I learned how to behave in a professional working environment and I met new people who provided me with new information and advice about my future. Interning in a web developing company made me realized this is something I would like to do in my career after college. During this last week, we accomplished many things that were required to complete the project assigned to us on the first day of our internship. I wonder what else we might have worked on if we finished the project tasks a week in advance.

Good things that have happened: Thrillist is holding a workshop for all their interns today and pizza will be served!! The workshop’s agenda includes the opportunity to build out resumes so this will be a very good chance to improve my resume. I also don’t have to buy my own lunch today! In addition, the company is offering us our own personal laptops to keep for interning here at Thrillist. I find this very exciting and I am extremely thankful that they are offering us a free computer to keep. Working at Thrillist has been an amazing experience that will definitely benefit me further in the future.


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