Just The Beginning :)

Today was the last day at Contently. Not really sure how I am feeling about this. But I surely will miss that place. Internships can teach you more about what you do AND what you don’t want to do. No one’s career path is a straight line. The main thing this internship taught me were the skills I need to work in a particular field and to be able to work with other people in my department. At Contently, I worked with another intern and two other employees who helped us whenever we needed help with something. Teamwork is such an important aspect of running a successful company and this internship has taught me how to do this on a professional level. Once I  finally settled into my internship, I started to complete projects for my company. My partner and I spent hours after hours trying to figure out bizarre codes and make them work. Finally, after all of  our hard work and hours devoted to the project, we got to see it blossom. Our manager was happy and they were grateful for everything we did. We  may not personally see a difference in ourselves now, but as soon as I got out of that place, I knew I was more wiser, more mature, more confident, and a better candidate for the next internship. This is only the beginning. Thank you ScriptEd and Contently for giving me this great opportunity.




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