We have finally finished off our internships. A month has already gone by and that means that we only have a month left of summer. It has been a really fun time here at Getty Images because I learned so much and I had become comfortable with the environment and the people. I had gotten used to getting up every day and feeling like an actual employee. I had gotten used to people looking at me a bit differently on the elevator, wondering what a girl like me is doing in a place like this, and then seeing their faces twist a little bit even more when they saw me head to the development team. I liked the surprise that I inflicted.

My last day of work wasn’t on Thursday as expected. Unfortunately, I had my school orientation, and I couldn’t get it pushed back any further. Wednesday became my last day and it was a little sad. At the SCRUM meeting, I announced it to everyone and Xandria and I were invited out to lunch at a restaurant called Lucky Star which had pretty good food. We were asked many questions about the experience here at Getty Images, which I gladly answered. After I came back, I had wrapped up practically everything that I was working on at the moment, and after saying goodbye to everyone, I left the building for the last time.



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