Final week!!!!!

This has been really fun. It was our last week here and we still had some work to do. Michael left on Wednesday so we had to work a little faster to get everything done. We worked hard ever day and took as little time on our lunch as possible to get our work done. On Wednesday, we were finally able to finish all of our work and all we had to do was to add the code to the master Thrillist branch and get it reviewed. There were a few minor mistakes but they were easy to fix. This Thursday was Jackthreads’  birthday so there were pancakes and fruit and doughnuts. There was hot chocolate but someone poured booze into it so we couldn’t drink it. That part was really funny. Finally, when we were about to leave, Ken walked up to us and said: “we have a gift for you.” He had in his hand two brand new computers and he said that they both were for us. I was so happy that I couldn’t contain my excitement. We said thank you to everyone on our team and said our final goodbyes to everyone. This has been a really good experience and I am really thankful that I got this opportunity. I hope I can do it again next year.


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