Bye Bye Internship

It has been a wonderful month with my internship mentors and partner. I want to say thank you to ScriptEd and Teach For America for giving us the opportunity to accomplish something new in life. During the past month, I not only learned the new skills of programming language but I also got to learn how to be a individual. The idea of this internship wasn’t to show us how to earn money but to experience and learn the new things you will need later on in life. During the past 4 weeks, we all got to learn, more or less, about how to be a professional. Being a intern at TFA was a pleasure; they never made us feel we were interns, but rather, they made us feel like one of them. Olga and Irena loved us and took care of us like moms. They never let us feel as if we missed home. I remember a story from Wednesday. I had a bad headache, and Irena went outside to buy medicine for me so I can feel better. (You only need a good heart to do something like this. And I truly thank her for that! Olga and Irena are the two people I will never forget in my life! ) Everything has to come to an end! And it’s time for us to say bye to our company, our mentors, our partners and our ScriptEd internship! It was a wonderful journey! Thank you ScriptEd for giving us the opportunity to make new friends and meet these AWESOME people. (I will miss you TFA crew and Jaritza) !


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