This was a week of both retrospection and introspection. Though we did focus on our–Rebecca and I’s–coding assignments, we also got the opportunity to manage our weekly Lunch&Learns.

We were able to gain functionality when using the D3.js and Highcharts frameworks. With this, we managed to gather data from a csv (comma-separate value) file and import it into both js frameworks, then expressing it all into a bar/line chart.

Apart from working on our code, we successfully pulled off another Lunch&Learn regarding internet surveillance, the novel 1984, and the tyranny of such actions.

As we work on a presentation to explain our experience to the ScriptEd community and those affiliated with it, I have come to the conclusion that it is all done for the empowerment of humanity, our communal aspiration to progress and beneficial betterment for all.  I’ m very grateful for the opportunity to have interned in such a company and partake in this community.


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