And Now For The Last Post of My Internship (week 4)

I really can’t believe that I just finished my last week here at American Express. The last four weeks have been simply AMAZING with all the wonderful people I got to work with.  Being able to sit in the war room with all the coders on the 42nd floor was really fun because they always had something entertaining to keep us occupied when we had blockers in our work.

I am happy to say that both my projects (the mini project and the major project) turned out great due to the help of my two wonderful mentors, David and Carlos. Having lunch with David and his co-workers was always interesting because I got to learn something new about all of them. Carlos was especially helpful when we had major blockers. He would always fix them really quickly which always amazed me.

Nevertheless, I learned many valuable thing from my job. I learned a lot about independence and communicating within a team. And, overall, I had a lot of fun. So thank you to everyone who helped out along the way, including my boss, Mark (super awesome guy). I am really going to miss working there and that beautiful view from the 43rd floor.

Well it’s been real! Thanks everyone and have a great summer while it lasts!


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