Working as a Intern and the Benefits

I was wondering, since the day I came to know about this summer internship, the benefit I could possibly receive as a student intern for a company (to be more precise, in the tech sector) where female participants are not quite as numerous as male participants. Well, as 3 weeks have already passed and only one more week is left for me to work here at Contently, I found the answer to that question. The benefit is not “because I’m getting paid for this”, but rather, “I’m experiencing things that will later help me in my career and will have a great impact on my professional life.” Also, having the opportunity to see women in the tech sector succeed in these companies was another one too. I used to think that, in all kinds of professional jobs, it’s necessary  to dress/talk/behave or do things incredibly formally, which to be honest, looked quite troublesome to me. However, from the knowledge I’ve gathered so far, I’d say it’s not entirely true. Even though commitment and being serious is essential in one’s workplace, having the workplace feel cozy and just like home is totally okay. It also allows you to succeed in fulfilling the given responsibilities. I realized this as I’m near the conclusion of my time working here. Sometimes it felt exhausting. I would get stuck at some point of the project and use up all the methods I could think of  to solve the problem but there still was no progress. Then, the employees’ help there really felt like a life saver and I felt I could ask them for help again without any hesitation. It is really a great experience that I’m getting here. Going back to the benefit question: did my answer satisfy me or am I just comforting myself? Well as I mentioned before, after 3 weeks of working in Contently, “Yes, my answer had satisfied me thoroughly.”


One response to “Working as a Intern and the Benefits

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