Week Two at Thrillist

As for my second week at Thrillist, I’m slowly getting adapted to the environment around me. Waking up everyday and commuting to Thrillist is more like a daily routine for me now. I can’t believe I only have a week left of this experience. I’m getting more and more comfortable when meeting up with other workers and gathering for meetings such as catch ups. As our internship comes closer to an end, we slowly progress into finishing up our project at Thrillist as well. Together, with Earl and Michael, we’re slowly completing the tasks that we have to do for the contact page. We just recently filed a request to the design team regarding the styles of the contact page and just today we talked about what should be changed. Later today, we will be having out catch up meeting with our supervisor and discuss what we should do for now. There is table tennis at Thrillist, and occasionally during our lunch break or during the end of the day, Michael, Earl and I would face each other. Interning at Thrillist has given me a wonderful experience to work at a tech company. The daily commute to work has led me to believe this is something I would do in the future. As a programmer/developer at a tech company, this is a career I would pursue. As for the question I was supposed to ask, I asked “In regards to studying in college, how would you recommend me to go about it to plan on a career in computers?”. He said I should major in computer science and pursue a career in computers after. He also explained to me the process that during the junior year of college, there’s this event that occurs where many companies approaches the college and recruits students to be potential employees at their company. Some companies vary and may offer to pay the rest of your tuition in return for a deal to work at their company after they graduate. After learning about this process i’m more confident in graduating college in hopes of achieving a career in computers.


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