Monday:  A preliminary assignment had come to Rebecca and I’s attention involving the usage of D3JS. At first we were surprised since we had worked and been introduced to this language of coding before. Throughout the week, we both struggled tremendously in fathoming what this language was used for and mainly how to implement it. Our assignment was to create a bar chart that would visually display data for a .csv (comma-seperated value) document, with the assistance of a ThoughtWorker, Helen. Due to us being occupied, we were unable to perform our weekly Lunch&Learn.

On Thursday, we were finally able to establish the graph, have some data, and make it look “pretty.” Though our work hours were long and very much stressful, we were still able to enjoy ourselves by attending a event or two at ThoughtWorks as well as participate at Civic Hacknight hosted by BetaNYC.

As I moved through the week, I found myself realizing the sophistication of all the code being deployed and the time it must have taken to develop. I think I have obtained both a greater understanding and appreciation for the work many developers pursue.


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