Three down, one more to go!

As I walked into Teach For America’s offices this Monday, I mentally prepared myself for bad news. After a week full of sickness, I was prepared to hear about another sick coworker. Despite the expectations I had for this week, my third week and TFA probably turned out to be my best week so far. After struggling for DAYS with getting the Javascript portion of our project to work, I finally got to sit down with my supervisor, Olga, and fix the problems my partner, Riki, and I had encountered. I am elated to say that we have officially finished with this Javascript portion of the project. Yay! All that’s left now is to fix a bit of the CSS component to make our project look better. On top of making a significant amount of progress on the project, the beautiful gallon of milk my coworker, Irina, brought for us to drink with our coffee was able to make this my best week yet.


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